Friday, December 17, 2010

Tribute to Alexander McQueen

Lee Alexander McQueen, 1969 – 2010 
'This film is my way of speaking about a very unique and important person who changed my life. My desire was to speak in some way about the dark and the light contained within Lee, and within us all.' 
Nick KnightTo Lee, With Love, Nick - A Tribute to Alexander McQueen By Nick Knight
Bjork has contributed a brand new song to a short film focussing on British designer Alexander McQueen.
The enfant terrible of British fashion, Alexander McQueen earned a stellar reputation for the vivid quality of his clothes. An unforgettable talent, he forged close links with a number of musicians.
Designing costumes for Bjork´s live show, McQueen had a close relationship with the Icelandic singer. The cover of the singer's 1997 album 'Homogenic' was designed by him, with the pair completing a number of collaborations.
Bork issued a tribute to her friend, and has now followed this with a new piece of music. The singer has contributed a new piece to the film 'To Lee, With Love, Nick' which has been brought together by photographer Nick Knight. A close friend of Alexander McQueen's, the film takes a number of the fashion icon's designs. A swirling, kaleidoscopic display the film runs at just over three minutes with Bjork supplying the background music.(clash)

                             Absolutely beautiful!!!!

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